Online Zoom Lace Classes

Jean Leader

Lacemaker and Textile Enthusiast

Zoom Lacemaking Classes Online

Sharing a photograph of a lace collar from my iPad during a Zoom class

For the first few months during lock down I was kept busy finishing two books for Crowood Press. The first one on Bedfordshire lace is now being printed and should be available in January. The other one which I’ve written with Gil Dye, is on lace identification and should be ready in the middle of next year.

Over the summer I have watched several online talks using Zoom, and my husband David has also used Zoom for his weekly Italian conversation class. So when I started to think about what I was going to do about re-starting my lace classes which I usually hold at home, I decided to find out how I could run lace classes using Zoom. I found some useful suggestions about what was needed online, bought a stand with an adjustable arm to hold my iPhone, and contacted everyone who'd been coming to my weekly classes to see if they were interested. I now have two groups of six lacemakers who meet for two hours on either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. One of them lives a hundred miles away and could only get to the class occasionally but can now come every week! So far everything is going well — it’s not the same as meeting in person but we are ‘seeing’ each other and everyone is chatting as well as making lace!

Arranging my iPhone fastened to an adjustable arm so I can use its camera to show an enlarged image of how I finished all the ends from the thistle flower. I can see the students on the right-hand side of the screen.

During the class I can talk to everyone, but from Zoom on my laptop I can also link to my iPhone or iPad and share its screen to show photographs, pages from books or anything else I have there. I can also use the iPhone or iPad camera so people can see diagrams that I’m drawing to explain any queries or problems they have. And if they have a similar set-up then they can share photographs etc. with me and everyone else.

Drawing and explaining a kiss stitch with a diagram during a Zoom class. Here I used the camera (i.e. its viewfinder) on the attached iPad to get sharper focus than is possible using the built-in laptop video camera.

Together with my husband, David, I have produced notes on my experience using Zoom for both Tutors and Students, which you are welcome to download. I would be glad to receive any feedback your have about them.