Other Lace Classes

Other Lacemaking Classes

I also teach one- or two-day and longer classes in Britain, Canada, the USA, and Australia — I enjoy travelling! Some of these are for specific topics such as Bedfordshire Lace, Bucks Point Lace, Color in Torchon Lace or Needlelace, but at others I will teach a variety of laces — it depends on what students would like to do.

When teaching longer classes and workshops, often with students I haven’t met before, I like to contact everyone beforehand so I have some idea of whether they are beginners or already have experience of the style of lace I’ll be teaching, whether they have any particular problems they would like to discuss and work on, and whether they would be happy to make small samples or have a particular item e.g. a handkerchief edging, in mind.

I also have shorter one- or half-day workshops on lace-related topics which can run alongside longer classes e.g. Mounting Lace on Fabric and Neat Starts and Finishes.

Please if you would like any further information.