My Lace

Some of My Lace

Floral Bedfordshire Christening Card.
(Pattern is in Bedfordshire Lace.)

Over the past thirty odd years I’ve made quite a lot of lace, but unless I take it out to show to students it’s usually hidden away in files or drawers. So this section is an opportunity for me to give some of the lace I’ve made an airing and share it with a wider audience. I try to show each piece of lace in full, have close-up pictures of the most interesting parts, and some background information too — why I made it, how I dealt with tricky bits and, if I designed it myself, what the inspiration was. A few of the articles include patterns.

I prefer working with bobbins than with a needle, so most of the lace I make is bobbin lace, but I do make some needlelace too. For bobbin lace I usually use spangled bobbins and a pillow with movable blocks so I never have to un-pin the lace, move it up, and then re-pin it. I enjoy working traditional lace, but I am also interested in ‘stretching the boundaries’ and working lace with colours and on a large scale.