Beginner’s Bucks Point

Introductory Skills in Bucks Point Lace

Introductory Skills in Bucks Point Lace
with Jean Leader
DVD or USB drive: Running time 3 hours 59 minutes, with five pages of notes and prickings

UK: £30.00 plus postage
Directly from (USB drive only)

US: Available through the Hensel Productions website

About the Video

Bucks Point is a delicate bobbin lace, worked in fine thread, with the design outlined in a thicker gimp thread. This video program, which introduces the basic techniques of this fascinating lace, is for lacemakers who already have some experience of working bobbin lace and are familiar with winding bobbins, making prickings and working the basic stitches. The first pattern introduces the Bucks Point footside, ground, and headside with picots. The three patterns that follow are for a circular edging, a small motif, and a bookmark. In these pieces, further techniques, such as using a gimp, honeycomb rings, mayflowers and four-pin rings are explained. To finish, there is a final pattern for a small motif using the techniques already described.