After I took up lacemaking and had gained a certain proficiency and knowledge I wrote a few articles for Lace, the magazine of the British Lace Guild. Then, in 1992, I plucked up enough courage for my first book: Thistles, rose, daffodils and shamrocks — 4 bookmarks using Bedfordshire lace techniques.

My involvement in publishing increased markedly while I was on the committee of The Lace Guild, where I was oversaw the preparation of their publications. My own contributions were An Introduction to Bucks Point Lace and An Introduction to Bedfordshire Lace, together with several Lace Guild calendars and exhibition catalogues. Subsequently I adapted the patterns in my book of bookmarks of British national emblems to circular motifs.

The patterns in these books were all my own design, but in 2011 I edited a collection of floral Bucks Point patterns designed by the late Joyce Symes to produce a volume, the profits for which were donated to cancer research.

The works already mentioned were all soft-cover, either self-published or published through the Lace Guild. However, my most recently I have produced two hard-back books commissioned by Crowood Press: one on Bedfordshire Lace, and one with Gil Dye on Lace Identification. This was much more work than the previous ventures — on completion I was inclined to say ”never again“ — but the satisfaction of seeing the final printed copy tends to make it all worth while.