Other Crafts

Jean Leader

Lacemaker and Textile Enthusiast

Other Crafts

Spinning at the National Sheepdog Trials in Kintyre

This section is for the other textile things I’m interested in — spinning, weaving, braids of every description, and occasional knitting, crochet and sewing. I first became interested in spinning over thirty years ago when a friend of my aunt gave me some fleece from her small flock of Soay sheep. I taught myself to spin with a spindle and then bought a spinning wheel which I struggled with for a while — treadling and doing things with my hands at the same time didn’t come naturally! Eventually I did manage to produce some reasonable yarn which I used together with other wool yarns in woven floor rugs. I also did some finer patterned weaving for scarves, table mats and waistcoats — at the time there was a wonderful Arts Centre in Glasgow where I could use both floor and table looms.

More recently I have been enjoying myself discovering all sorts of different braids from around the world. I particularly like the ones you can make in your hand without fancy equipment and I like to have some of these on the go when I’m traveling to while away tedious waits.

Peruvian Braids made with rug yarn following instructions in Sling Braids of the Andes by Adele Cahlander.
No equipment is needed — the threads are held and manipulated in your hand.