Jean Leader

Lacemaker and Textile Enthusiast

The Competition

THE competition, open to all, is to build the name of a type of lace from the initial letters of the names of the objects portrayed in the windows for the dates listed below. For example, if there were only four dates, showing an Apple, an Egg, a Pig and a Tree, you would have the letters A, E, P and T which could be rearranged to make the word TAPE, a type of lace. However, the answer will be a specific type of bobbin or needlelace.

The dates which provide letters for the mystery type of lace are:

3rd Dec
7th Dec
10th Dec
12th Dec
15th Dec
18th Dec
21st Dec
24th Dec

The closing date for the competition is now past. The answers and the name of the winner can be found on the Answer Page.