Lace — The App

This page is about something relatively new in lace publishing. In 2013 we (David and I) released a lace App for iPhone or iPod Touch, and later followed this with a version specifically for the iPad. Both are available in the Apple App Store.

The App is designed to provide a quick reference to individual styles of lace. Suppose that you want to find out something about Chantilly lace, or Coggeshall, or Cantu. No problem. Select the lace from the list, tap on the name, and voilà! A short explanation of its distinguishing features appears, with an illustration and enlarged detail of the lace. And where exactly is Cantu — or Coggeshall for that matter? Tap on the globe icon and we’ll show you on the map.

The original idea for this app was to build on the work done for the ‘Lace Styles’ pages (originally hosted on the Lace Guild website). We started with the index of over 80 laces or grounds produced for that section, and ended up with about 60 distinct styles of lace for the app. However, it turned out to be a lot more work than we had bargained for, as the individual descriptions of each style of lace had to be almost completely rewritten, and in many cases new or more appropriate photographs were needed. We separated the different grounds referred to in the main section on lace styles into their own section, and added a further section on the different types of lace (bobbin lace, tape lace, decorated net, etc.).

We hope that users will find the Lace App useful and enjoyable. Even with 60 different styles of lace, you may find one that you think we have missed. In this case let us know so that we can try to include it in a future update.

Lace for iPad and iOS10 — Important Announcement

The release of iOS10 in late 2016 caused Lace for iPad to crash on launch. The iPhone version was not affected. Unfortunately there was no quick fix for this and Lace for iPad needs to be restructured and rebuilt from scratch. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and hope eventually to produce a new version. In the interim, we can offer a copy of the iPhone app to anyone who has purchased the iPad app. This can be mounted on the iPad under iOS 10 or 11, although it does not take advantage of the full area. To request a copy, please contact us via the Feedback Page.

Comments, Suggestions or Problems

Please use the Feedback Page for comments, suggestions or to let us know of any problems that you may have with the App, and which version — iPhone or iPad.


  • Where can I see a preview and purchase the Lace App?
    Tap on the ‘App Store’ app on your iPhone and search for ‘lace’ or ‘lace app’. Look for the App with the icon shown above, left. The information about ‘Lace’ includes screenshots and a short video preview.
  • What is the involvement of The Lace Guild in this App?
    The Lace App was produced in association with The Lace Guild — most of the illustrations are from their collection — and a donation was made to The Lace Guild from the proceeds of the sale of the App.
  • Which versions of iPhone does the Lace app support?
    Version 1.6 (released August 2015) supports the iPhone 3GS and later phones.
  • Why can’t I pinch and zoom the images?
    Because the images are not currently large enough for this to be useful. To zoom by a (linear) factor of 2, the images would have to be 4x their current size, and this would take 4x longer to download, occupy over 100 Mb of space instead of the current 30 Mb or so, and slow down performance on older devices. But we do appreciate that there is a considerable demand for this feature, so our long-term plan is to try to add it. We make no promises, however, and feel it only fair to users of older devices to finish updating the content first.
  • Is there a version planned for Android or other mobiles?
    Unfortunately not. At the moment we only have the time and resources to develop for Apple iOS devices.
  • Is the Lace App available in languages other than English?
    Unfortunately not. (But if you care to volunteer to translate it…)