Other Crafts


Weaving a Sanada-Himo band (真田紐) from Japan. These bands are traditionally used for tying scrolls, wrapping handles of Samurai swords and tying containers for precious objects.

My love of lace has not precluded an interest in other textile pursuits: spinning, weaving, and occasional knitting, crochet and sewing. Most recently it is braiding that has come to the fore as I have discovered all sorts of different braids from around the world. I particularly enjoy the ones you can make in your hand without fancy equipment and I like to have some of these on the go when I’m traveling to while away tedious waits.

In this section I present instructions for working some of these braids. They are generally derived from my teaching in workshops or at conferences, but I am happy to make them available here for anyone who wishes to give these braids a try.

Peruvian Braids made with rug yarn following instructions in Sling Braids of the Andes by Adele Cahlander.
No equipment is needed — the threads are held and manipulated in your hand.